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Date night this year, because of the coronavirus, has taken on a new meaning. Though we may have to sacrifice some fun ways we used to hold those risqué rendezvous with that special someone, we refuse to ever surrender style.
We have all been in that position. Standing, defeated, in front of the wardrobe. Clothes and shoes of every single color, shape, texture, silhouette are strewn all over the bed, floor, and the room next door. You definitely have enough clothing. But, somehow, there is absolutely nothing to wear. You have a date to go on and need that specific, gorgeous look you have envisioned, but nothing seems to be quite right. Don’t worry. There is an Origin Trends heritage-embodying piece for any type of date you can imagine..

A Dress Will Never Go Out of Style

Dresses are a classic choice for a date, and you can choose from our extensive collection. Throw on the alluring Nutata Flare Silk Dress made with a gorgeous, pure silk for a delicious home-cooked dinner date. It’s beautifully dyed in many colors that seem to swim and float as you move around.
beautiful fabrics
 If you’re hoping to go out and want a warmer option, our show stopping Lorm African Print Elastic Dress with fun, balloon sleeves is the perfect choice. With a unique square neckline and a vibrant orange, teal print, this dress hugs you in all of the right places, accentuating your natural, beautiful shape. It also comes with a breast cup cut incorporated into the entire fit, giving you that support and lift without needing anything else. beautiful fabrics
 Don’t forget a mask! Origin Trends offers masks with a variety of stunning African prints that will keep everyone safe as they gape and stare at your beauty.

Switching it Up

If you are looking for a more daring choice, there are so many more choices. Need a comfortable outfit for a cute Netflix movie night perfect for cuddling?
 beautiful fabrics Throw on the lovely African Print Elastic Top that can be paired with your most comfortable leggings. Want to go on a spontaneous walk that may lead to a cute cafe with a more formal vibe? This same incredibly versatile top can be styled with the jeans that show off your bum, heals, and the Kornu Yellow Bead Set in five minutes for a more polished outfit.
Look your best and feel your best for that person that makes your heart pitter patter. We have styles for any occasion, guaranteed to keep their eyes on you the entire time

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